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Introducing yourself to modern age - חלק II

Standalone business card readers are basically compact scanners for a singular purpose of reading cards. Like other amazing and useful inventions, small mini scanners have become quite the fad and much more accurate than previous avatars, in case of card reading solutions. One of the best features available today is the capability to scan and transfer all the details on the card immediately to Outlook. They are easily portable, run on USB or battery power and can fit into any laptop bag. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Scanning Technology is the feature used in state-of-the-art card readers. Besides they have incredible image processing and field identification capabilities. The latest feature on the market shelves is “Duplex” scanning: to scan and process both sides of a card simultaneously. Making back-ups for important customer and prospect information has become easier because of this.

All in all, a business card reader has become a basic necessity in this modern age of fast business and commerce for a business to keep up with its peers. A newly found business has to rely much on contacts and references for growth and prosperity. As such its need to handle a lot of contact information of important clientele necessitates the use of a business card scanner.

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